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Game of Life Code Retreat

Code, Collaborate, Experiment

  • 3 hours
  • Price negotiable

Service Description

Explore the fascinating world of the Game of Life Code Retreat led by Nir Orman, Engineering Manager at Wix Stores. The primary goals of this hands-on workshop are to have fun, improve coding skills using Test-Driven Development (TDD), pairing, and other techniques, and encourage participants to take risks and experiment. The workshop comprises coding sessions, each lasting approximately 45 minutes, followed by a unique constraint for added challenge and enjoyment. Participants will engage in pair programming, deleting their code after each iteration, switching pairs, and engaging in retrospectives to reflect on collaboration methods, design decisions, and challenges faced. The Game of Life, a 2D infinite grid where cells interact based on specific rules, serves as the backdrop for this coding adventure. Join the Code Retreat and enhance your coding skills through a combination of learning, experimentation, and collaborative coding sessions.

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