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Things LLMs Can't teach you about LLMs

  • 45 minutes
  • Price negotiable

Service Description

Once, people had to know how to use encyclopedias and world atlas books to search for information. Then came online search engines and that skill was no longer needed. Large Language Models (such as GPT) are rapidly changing the way we retrieve data, and are changing the world as we know it at an unprecedented pace. To keep pace with the wave, join this talk and explore some of the most interesting and innovative ways in which engineering managers can utilize Large Language Models for their needs. You'll find out how to transform your current skills and practices of product development, and engineering to fit what's coming next. We'll also cover some of the disadvantages and risks associated with integrating LLMs. BTW, The talk's content is not generated by LLMs as it aims to provide valuable insights beyond their capabilities!

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